About - Product GoGo ™ is your source for product development. Our design team approaches all new ideas from a “concept to shelf” mentality knowing that a successful product must be validated through concept, design, prototype, and marketing. We segment our company into these four diverse areas of expertise.


To provide excellent product design and consulting services for small and large companies alike. We feel that by building long term relationships by offering multi-faceted services is key to growing business. We also extend a large network of like-minded vendors, production facilities, individuals, investors, legal and intellectual property to our clients.

ProductGoGo did a great job of getting our web site done on time and on budget. The team have been extremely responsive as we’ve had changes after the work was done – I would highly recommend them.”

T.M. – Web, E-Com, Graphics, Logo, & Design

Product GoGo ™ is geared up with a powerful and motivated team. With your ideas, and your direction; we can sketch, study, model, test, program, prototype, refine, produce, and then source it, GOGO! Our modern tech-savvy team bring an array of computer skills and personal values to the table. We have the staff to program and a range of machines and tools to drive with the ability to create virtually anything.


Blake St.Clair

Industrial Design Technology BA
President / Design / Sales

Originally from a small farm community in the heart of Kansas, Blake moved to the Denver Metro over a decade ago to start a dream. It began with an Industrial Design Bachelors of Arts degree. Blake is fueled by adrenalin and an eye for art and design.

Concept & Design

Sketch & Research30%

Graphics Design & Packaging85%

Industrial Design & CAD85%

Create & Market

Prototype & Manufacturing55%


Sales & Accounting90%


Derek Benefield

Industrial Design Technology BA
Design / Drafting / Sales

Derek is a Midwest mutt that migrated to Wonderful Colorado a decade ago. He has always had a passion for the outdoors, and bicycles, and Began his design career after obtaining his Industrial Design degree.



Concept & Design

Sketch & Research75%

Graphics Design & Packaging70%

Industrial Design & CAD95%

Create & Market

Prototype & Manufacturing70%


Sales & Accounting40%


JR St.Clair

Dr. Jack of All Trades
Sales / Mfg. / Production Mgr.

JR brings over 30 years of production, prototyping, and manufacturing experiences to our team. JR is fluent on all shop tools, and has a history of designs that include machine and motor design, agricultural design, building, shipping, and freight calculations.

Concept & Design

Sketch & Research60%

Graphics Design & Packaging20%

Industrial Design & CAD55%

Create & Market

Prototype & Manufacturing100%


Sales & Accounting45%


Blake Stewart

Electrical Wiring AA
Mfg. / General Mgr.

Blake #2 runs the back shop. He has been in the company since the beginning and is part of all of our internal and external tasks. Blake is our reliable and tentative representative behind the scenes. He touches and arranges all of our projects in some way, shape, or form.

Concept & Design

Sketch & Research40%

Graphics Design & Packaging20%

Industrial Design & CAD60%

Create & Market

Prototype & Manufacturing90%


Sales & Accounting20%


Jamie St. Clair

Veterinary Technician CVT

As a kid, Jamie would have been found playing in the dirt with the boys. A corn fed gal who was raised in a small metropolitan city near Des Moines. Jamie moved to Denver to fulfill a business and veterinary technician career. She is ProductGoGo’s Go-To girl for all of our office and accounting needs.

Concept & Design

Sketch & Research10%

Graphics Design & Packaging5%

Industrial Design & CAD5%

Create & Market

Prototype & Manufacturing15%


Sales & Accounting100%



I want to say thank you to all of you at Product GoGo for the long days (and nights) to get this product to market and most importantly your enthusiasm along the way.

J.B. – Industrial, Graphic & Marketing Design

Thank you for your Tired-less Energy, Endless Initiative and Selfless Creativity. Working with the team has been such a pleasurable success. See you on the next project.

K.L. – Prototyping, Graphics, & Industrial

Instrumental in creative solutions that helped us define ourselves in our industry as the quality leader. We consult when we launch new products and it has paid off with dividends.

R.M. – Product Launch, Placement, & Marketing

We complete products by utilizing breaking technology and production methods; combine with trained designers and expert manufacturing facilities. Professional 3-D Drafting and Design programs and Graphic Design software allow 3-D Printers, CNC Router, CAM Mills, Laser Printers, and many other rapid prototyping machines to complete project tasks.